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There are no such things as trolls!

"Well then, how do you explain all the dead unicorns?"
Hokay, so.
The game tomorrow starts at 3:30 EST. Everyone should be online, but no huge rush; we're gonna spend the first part sorting character sheets and shinies. A slow introduciton back to Riketti, a meeting up and storytelling, and a little bit of plot. Awesome. It's looking like four players, right now. Everyone is welcome.
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I am currently accepting applications. If you already have a character, assume they are instantly approved. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment. We are looking for characters of Level 8 in DnD 3.5, and you can basically take and do whatever you want. I assign shinies.

The game will pick up three months from where we left off. Roddy has dissappeared, and has been gone for a long time. Both Gareth and Arathis have been very, very gone for the duration of the time lapse. The Dwarves have set up shop in Riketti.

I will be looking to start the game next week. Just poke me until I move.

We're All Screwed- Part The Only: So Very Screwed

Hey y'all. No tits tonight, but supposedly they get doubled next time. This may or may not mean she's growing another pair. But, umm, yeah. So, have fun reading this one. It's a quickie.

I blame you, Erin.Collapse )

I hereby ban all emoticons that use less than signs. Also, hearts. Oh, and the problem I think was with the quotation marks. They were fine in word and fine when I typed them but they refused to paste right. So, yes, I did just edit every quotation mark by hand.